California Endowment/City Heights Development Corporation and Walk San Diego

This project is based on the mission of the endowment to promote healthy communities. In this case the goal is to build walkable environments which encourage local residents to walk toward a healthy life style. The issue is how to finance the development of walkable infrastructure. The work of CUED is threefold; 1) using a matrix of demographic and economic data identify strategic potentially walkable spaces. 2) Working with Woodbury Architectural students, Walk San Diego, and local residents, develop walkable design for selected places, 3) design an innovative but realistic financing methodology in conjunction with public bank and foundation resources to implement the infrastructure improvements.

The core element of this project has to do with organizational design, i.e what legal structure must be established to allow access to available financial resources and involve the community in the management and implementation. The second core consideration is the design of the interface between healthy living goals, architectural student visioning and capability and community capacity to imagine physical enhancement.

CUED will coordinate this project over the next nine months bringing multiple organizations, resources and ideas together for an actual product. The combined effort is actual funding for actual infrastructure improvements ranging from $2 to $15 million dollars.

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