About the CUED Directors

  • Jim Bliesner
    Jim Bliesner served as the Director of the San Diego City/County Reinvestment Task Force for twenty four years. In that role he had the responsibility of assisting the creation of numerous community based organizations focused on affordable housing development, small business micro-enterprise formation, alternative financial products and funding for community based initiatives. His tenure was been marked by innovation and comprehensive research. His ability to bring new funds and new methods of analysis to problems resulted in new systems for community based self sufficiency including the formation of a number of CDC's, LISC, Neighborhood National Bank and private equity investment pools. He also serves on committees for funding at the United Way, SD Foundation as well as statewide Community Reinvestment groups.

    Email: jdbarte@sbcglobal.net

  • Barry J. Schultz

    Barry J. Schultz has over 25 years experience in the community development field. Most recently, he served as chief executive officer to the San Diego Capital Collaborative, a non-profit community investment corporation. He was responsible for developing and implementing the socially responsible investment strategy for the San Diego Smart Growth Fund, a $90 million real estate equity fund targeting workforce and mixed use projects in San Diego's urban communities.

    Barry is a former shareholder with the law firm of Sullivan Wertz McDade and Wallace. His law practice focused on community development, real estate, land use, and government relations. He provided legal counsel to non-profit and for-profit developers of affordable housing and has extensive experience with affordable housing finance including tax credit and bond financing.

    Prior to joining Sullivan Wertz McDade and Wallace, Barry served as senior policy advisor and chief of staff to San Diego City Councilman William D. Jones. In this capacity he advised the councilman on housing, land use, and redevelopment issues.

    Barry served as a City of San Diego Planning Commissioner for 8 years. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute and has been appointed as the Urban Community Advisor at both the local and national levels. He currently serves on the Community Reinvestment Advisory Board for Torrey Pines Bank, C-3 San Diego, Wakeland Housing development Corporation and the San Diego Community Land Trust Foundation. He is a member of the San Diego Housing Federation and a member of Lambda Alpha International San Diego Land Economics Society.

    Email: barry.schultz50@gmail.com