Mission Statement

The Center for Urban Economics and Design is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with the University of California San Diego and Woodbury Architectural School to bridge the gaps between academic disciplines, business, community and public policy in an effort to address strategic urban issues on a local, regional, state and national level, all by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that aims to create a synergistic convergence of urban design and economic sustainability.


    • 1) To provide a clearinghouse for cross-disciplinary urban development research, policy, and best practices, including replicable urban development financing models.


    • 2) To provide unbiased, cross-disciplinary urban development policy research - particularly as relates to the interaction of urban design, art and culture and community and economic development - for government agencies, private associations, nonprofit organizations and local communities, drawing upon multi-disciplinary experts and state-of-the-art research methods.


    • 3) To bring research findings to the attention of a broad audience in a manner that informs, advises and engages policymakers, community leaders, program managers, business leaders, the media and the general public in significant cross-disciplinary urban development issues.


    • 4) To facilitate innovative efforts of public and private urban developers, artists, cultural organizations, government agencies and community groups which offer solutions to defined urban issues by providing interdisciplinary technical assistance.


    • 5) 5) To facilitate formation of new collaborative sources of capital for application to urban economic and design issues and practices.


    • 6) To bring together cross-disciplinary practitioners from various backgrounds and institutions for the purpose of providing technical assistance and greater access to resources for non-profit, government and community organizations addressing urban development issues.


    • 7) To provide cross-disciplinary organizational development assistance to urban development oriented nonprofit and community organizations to strengthen their internal foundations for program success.


    • 8) To conduct timely, unbiased assessments of publicly funded efforts and related expenditures to determine whether the programs have achieved their intended purposes, and to craft recommendations for improvement as needed.


    • 9) To research relevant economic conditions, trends, opportunities and policies which impact urban living standards especially for low and moderate income communities.


    • 10) To engage and support useful urban design initiatives covering land use, transportation, architectural design, etc especially as they impact economic and social well being.