Section 74031

WED 5:00-7:30PM

Warren Lecture Hall Room 2206

Jim Bliesner - Professor jim.bliesner@gmail.com

Barry Schultz - Professor barry.schultz50@gmail.com

Steve Bouton - Professor sbouton@gisbanker.com


This course will explore trends in urban economics and urban design and how they interface. Consideration will be given to impacts of community governance structures. The overall goal is to define economic process, structures, their impacts on communities, land use as well as community design. Design is a term applied to physical spaces and structures as well as the systems of affiliation and process which occur on a community and societal level. Research practices will be applied to selected community projects. Students will be expected to work on a group project in designated communities in partnership with community organizations.

Course Requirements

    1. Class Participation is required! Each student is expected to read the course materials before class and be informed and prepared to engage in the seminar with special attention given to the topics listed for the session. Class participation will account for one third of the class grade.


    1. Community Project - Students will select a community project and work with a team to address selected issues or research related to community design and economic development. Regular reports and research analysis will be made during class time. Some outside meetings and fact finding will be required as well. Each study group will be expected to repaper a final report to the fill class The class project will account for forty five per cent of the class grade.


    1. Mid Term Exam - The mid term will be an essay allowing the student to present a summary of what they have learned through discussions and reading and research in narrative form. It will be written in class. Student notes and references will be allowed. The mid term will account for one fourth of the class grade.


GRADING: Grades for the course will be based on following performance areas


Class Participation: (30%) includes:


Attendance (10%)


Active engagement in seminar discussion and Facebook chronicle of activities articles of interest and related literature. Please "friend" Center for Urban Economics and Design at UCSD. (20%)


Community project consist of three parts: (total 45%)

  • Group involvement (15 %)
  • Group presentation (15 %)
  • Individual efforts (15%)

Mid Term Exam (25%)